Dog Park Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of dogs and people please observe these rules.

 1. No dogs without people. No people without dogs.

 2. Watch your dog at all times. Discourage barking and digging. If your dog digs a hole, please fill it in.

 3. No spike, prong, or pinch collars. However, your dog must wear a collar or harness in the dog park at all times.

 4. Clean up after your dog. A clean up station is provided. 

 5. No aggressive dogs. Do not allow your dog to pester or mount other dogs. Watch for signs of aggression. 

 6. No dogs in heat. Closely monitor un-neutered males.

 7. If your dog gets in a fight, exchange contact information and leave the dog park. You are responsible for any injury caused by your dog.

 8. Dogs must be registered with Richland County and fully immunized.

 9. Bring children at your own risk. Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by and adult.

 10. Do not bring food or treats. Dogs get territorial over food. You may bring water.

Dog Park is now open from dawn to dusk.
Check with the property office for the lock combination.
​Make sure you lock the gate if you are the last person to leave the park.

Wear your Blue Reflections Recreation Bracelet when using the park.

Reflections Dog Park is Now Open!