Welcome to Reflections

Reflections is a Planned Urban Development located between Ulmer Road and Rawlinson Road in the Lower Richland area of Columbia, SC.

Originally owned by the Ulmer family, it was later sold and developed , see our Historical Overview.

Some things that may be helpful to you as you show or look at property at Reflections:

  • Reflections has no condominiums; rather all homes and the lot on which they stand are owned by the home owner.  Reflections has nine neighborhoods.  Of those nine seven receive some routine exterior and roof maintenance on a regular cycle.  In the other neighborhoods – Southbury and Twin Oaks, owners are responsible for all maintenance of the individual homes.  All owners should have homeowner insurance and not condominium insurance, as the Association has no responsibility to insure any part of any individually owned homes.  
  • Reflections is governed by Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR's), which govern a wide variety of areas of the property, including parking, architectural items, and community spaces. Click Here to Go to Our CCR's.  These CCR's become part of the deeds.
  • Property ownership in Reflections makes the owner part of the Reflections Owners Association (ROA). The ROA is governed by a Board of Directors.
  • To view or show property at Reflections, contact the property manager.

A Private Community in Southeast Columbia